1st Mortimer were founded in 1910 and are one of the oldest groups in the country still operating.

We have had many meeting places over the years from an old shed in The Avenue to the attic in the Vicarage, before we were given the land we now occupy on Birch Lane. We subsequently had several HQ buildings on the plot – from a concrete prefab to an old wooden Nissen hut – but after years of fundraising were finally able to build our current permanent HQ building.

The group was very popular amongst the youngsters of the village prior to the 1st World War but when the war came many families in the village were decimated with loss of whole generations of young men, including of course many of our leaders. Our Scouts helped on the farms locally bringing in the harvest, planting crops and tending the animals. The group survived and was soon back in full swing once the war ended.

All too soon WW2 came and once again our leaders went to fight, and again, sadly, many did not return. The Scouts helped as part of the Home Guard and once again helped tend the land.

After the war there was a period of very little activity but in 1951 renewed enthusiasm saw the group once again back to full strength.

In 1970 there was a split in the scouting world with some wanting to move away from the traditional ways laid down by our founder Lord Baden-Powell. 1st Mortimer was one of the groups who wanted to maintain the traditional way of Scouting and helped form the Baden-Powell Scouts Association, which became the largest independent Traditional Scouting movement in the country.

In 2020 with a desire to develop our traditional Scouting even further and enhance our core values, the group became a fully independent charitable organisation with a new outlook and purpose to keep the group thriving for the next 100+ years.