Baden-Powell described Rovers as a “Brotherhood of the open air, whose motto is Service” – and what an amazing description. Any adult, of any gender can become a Rover Scout if they are prepared to take the Scout Promise and live their lives by the Promise and Law and the motto of Service. There probably isn’t a suitable substitute word that expresses everything that “Brotherhood” encapsulates – “Fellowship” may be the only one that comes close!

Rover Scouts may have joined 1st Mortimer as a Beaver or Wolf Cub and made their journey through the adventures of every section of the family until reaching 18 years old, or they may have joined us with a love of the outdoors and a desire to share that with people with similar passions and skills and help younger members of the Group to develop their own understanding of self-sufficiency in the outdoors. Rover Scouts may either be part of the regular voluntary adult leadership team or provide occasional service to the Group when required. 1st Mortimer Rover Scouts are spread far and wide, but they still see the Group as their Scouting home and commit to support the Group whenever they are able.

Our Service to Scouting has recently included supporting and taking part in Scout trips like a cycle expedition in Normandy, a 4-day hike around the Cuillin Hills of The Isle of Skye, and providing a service team for an international camp of 2,000 Scouts from 21 countries. We also enjoy setting ourselves adventurous challenges purely as an adult group, keeping our skills up, and keeping fit – who fancies a 66-mile cycle race around the shores of Loch Ness? But of course, our service also includes the hidden aspects of Scouting – including maintaining our marvellous HQ building and grounds and being there as the support for each other in difficult times.

But for a Rover Scout, service extends to an attitude of mind that fills every part of our lives – not just the bits when we are proudly wearing our uniform, and that leads to the belief of all Rover Scouts – “Once a Rover, always a Rover”.